1.I don't like read newspaper.
2.I don't need help.
3.I don't eat hot dog.
4.I don't tell my mom.
5.We don't have money.
6.He didn't kissed Mary.
7.I don't know use this cell phone.
8.My sister don't drive.
9. I don't play soccer.
10. You don't drink coke.
11. She didn't open her book.
12. I don't write so much.
13. You didn't sing that song.
14. He didn't prepare the lunch.
15. I don't watch this serie.
16. She didn't do the dishes.
17. I don't hate you.
18. He don't love you.
19.I didn't arrive there.
20. I didn't heard that.
He's a student.  
I can speak English. 
Can you speak English