I am writing a answer to you.
I am feeling the low temperature.
I am eating now.
I am listening songs.
I am speaking on the phone.

You aren't going to school.
They aren't cooking.
We aren't reading.
He isn't playing soccer.
She isn't drinking a beer.

Is she studying?
Are we dancing?
Is he playing soccer?
Are they cooking?
Are you watching TV?
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I'm reading. ( eu estou lendo)
She is walking. ( ela está caminhando)
I'm waiting for you. ( eu estou esperando por você)
She is writing (ela está escrevendo)
He is kissing her. ( ele está beijando ela) 


I'm not reading. (eu não estou lendo)
She isn't walking. (ela não está caminhando) 
I'm not waiting for you ( eu não estou esperando por você)
She isn't  writing. (eu não estou escrevendo)
He isn't kissing her ( ele não está beijando ela )


Am I reading ? ( eu estou lendo? )
Is she walking? (ela está caminhando?)
Am I waiting for you? ( eu estou esperando por você?)
Is she writing ? ( ela está escrevendo? )
Is he kissing her? ( ele está beijando ela? )

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