Simple "Present":
1. I go to school
2. He wakes up early
3. She loves me
4. We go to the gym every day
5. I do my exercice every day.

1. I will change the world
2. She will be there for you
3. I will sing in my birthday
4. I´m traveling tomorrow (progressive)
5. I´m leaving Fortaleza next Saturday

Todas as frases no Simple Present estão na afirmativa, segue aqui as negativas e interrogativas. 

1. I do not eat at the dinner
2. He doesn't love her
3. I don't work out
4. I don't do my exercises
5. They do not go to the gym

1. Does she love him?
2. Does he go to the gym?
3. Do you go to school
4. Do they love books?
5. Does he like me?
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