Estela left the room still nervous about the outcome of his trial, but it was time to eat something and relachar, went to the canteen, ordered a Coke, handed the money the girl who worked there, he met his girlfriend, Daniela, a corner , talking to your friends, unknown to Estela. She walked faster toward it.
-Daniela!! What you wrote in question 7?
-I have not had proof-Dani said, a bit surprised by the appearance of amiga. She is really open?
-No. It's multiple choice, but the matter was not in evidence last right-Estela said, unhappily.
But you think that was okay?
I do not know, I think I took at least 5.0 - this time Estela remembered the time they gave evidence, the teacher talked a coldly "will not even try 4?" Got chills that hoarsely teacher who she hardly knew but I hated.
Me passes glue? - Suddenly became lightning animation Daniela. Estela looked scared, never thought that her best friend would do such a thing.
No! Of course not - said Estela
-I buy 20 bags of Halls-blackmailed Daniela

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