Using the Verb 'To Be'
Write the correct form of 'to be' in present tense.

Tess and Jen _____ best friends.
They do everything together, They spend every day together.
One day they meet on the bus to school. They start talking.
"Hey Jen", says Tess. "How _____ you?"
"Hey girl," says Jen. "I _____ doing fine. What _____ going on? What _____ you doing today?"
"Oh", says Tess, "I _____ _____ doing anything special. I don't have any plans."
"That _____ cool"
"Yeah," Says Tess. "But I have something to tell you"
"Really! Can I try to guess?"
"Umm..." says Tess. "Well..."
"Okay, I get three guesses. Ready?"
"Umm, well... okay"
"_____ we eating dinner together?"
"No, that _____ _____ it"
"Okay. Are we going to the soccer game together?"
"No. It _____ _____ that either."Tess looks nervous. Her eyes look sad. A tear starts to fall down her cheek.
"Oh," says Jen, wiping a tear from her own eye. "Now I know. You _____ moving away"



Are/ are/ am/ is/ are/ am not/ is/ are/ is not/ is not / are
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