Hi!what is your name?
my name´s julia(ex)
julia how old are you?
i´m 24 yars old and you?
i´m 23 yars old.
what is your name?
my name is katia 
katia?How do spell it please?
Thanks! nice to meet you
nice to meet you to

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Muito Obrigada Duda Amei :) Vlw Amei >.<
dinada Flaviadebem!
James, how are you ?
Great, and you ?
Fine, too. So , what are you doing here?
I work here
Really? What do you do ?
I am an editor. And you ? What are you doing here ?
I am waiting for my girlfriend ?
What is her name ?
Shirley. She work here too ?
Really? Where ?
In sales department
Well, I have to go. Good to see you
Yeah, me too. Bye