Preciso de 10 frases em inglês usando o verbo to be no passado. 10 frases no afirmativo, 10 frases no negativo, 10 frases de questão.

i was a good student! You were happy yesterday. she was beautiful last friday. He was always a good brother. It was over there when I found it.
10 frases de cada.
They were not at the party. he was not dressed well. It was not clean before. she was not ready when I arrived.
vou fazer 5 de cada e vc termina
was she a good friend? were they there last monday? did they arrive on time? when was your birthday?


Afirmativas                               Negaivas                           
I'm a  musician                       I'm not a musician                  
i'm studying inglsh  now       i'm not studying inglesh now 
i'm going to go to  beach       i'm not going to go to bleach
you are doctor                          you aren't doctor 
i'm a teacher                            i'm not teacher      
i'm bad                                      i'm not bad
it's on my way                          it's not on y way
i'm speak inglesh now          i'm not speak inglesh now
You are reading englesh now  you arent reading englesh now
You are with difficult                 you aren't with difficcult   

am'i musician?
am'i stuying now?
Do you like me?
Do you like of fish?
are you going to go to bleach?
are we go?
does she soccer play?
does he tennis play?
Do you like chocolate?
what did you do?