A) Afirmative: She makes cake very good.
    Negative:  She doesn't make cake very good. 
    Interrogative: Does She make cake very good ?

b) Afirmative: She reads the newspaper every week.
   Negative: She does'nt read the newspaper every week.
   Interrogative: Does She read the newspaper every week ?

c) Afirmative: We sing very bad.
    Negative: We don't sing very bad.
    Interrogative: Do We sing very bad ?

d) Afirmative: You live in São Paulo.
    Negative: You don't live in São Paulo.
    Interrogative: Do You live in São Paulo?

e) Afirmative: I work at the school.
   Negative: I don't work at the school.
   Interrogative: Do I work at the school ?