He said:" My mother is in Madrid"
He said that is mother was in Madrid"

You said: "John didn't play very well"
You said that John hadn't played very well.

She said:"I am washing my car"
She said that she was washing her car.

I said:"I have to live "
I said that I had to live.

They said:"We have been there"
They said that they had been there.

Sarah said." I can play the piano"
Sarah said that she could play the piano

He said: I go shopping"
He said that he went shopping.

Ronaldo said: " I will be the best world football player"
Ronaldo said that he would be the best football player.

My father said" Your mother is beautiful"
My father said that my mother was beautiful.

My english teacher said:" You have to study harder"
My English teacher said that we had to study harder.
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