I am not student of biologic sciences. IAre you a student? We cannot go out now, because the teatcher is looking for us.
I wake up every morning already wanting to sleep again. I take a shower, but I don't feel durty. I go to the bus and some after i get to school. I don't like school. People around there are boring. They're not cool with me. They don't treat my kind. When I go to school I don't feel fine. Since the second i get there, I already wanna get out. I don't like home too. I don't like anything, anyone. I don't know how I feel. I don't have any idea about how I feel. I just wanna sleep for a thousand years and don't ever wake up again.

Tá aí o texto. Acabei de fazer, então, se puder avaliar a resposta e clicar em "Obrigado", eu ficaria muito grato.
P.S: erro na segunda linha. I take the bus and get to school*