Preciso de frases nos tempos verbais: present to be (afirmativa, negativa, interrogativa), past to be ( afirmativa, negativa, interrogativa) future to be-going to ( afirmativa negativa interrogativa) simple present (afirmativa negativa interrogativa) simple past (afirmativa interrogativa negativa) simple future (afirmativa negativa interrogativa)



Present to be:
-Afirmativa: She is tired today.
-Negativa: She isn't tired today.
-Interrogativa: Is she tired today?

Past to be:
-Afirm: We were walking on the beach.
-Negat.: We weren't walking on the beach.
-Inter: Were we walking on the beach?

Futuro to be-going to
-Afirm: You are going to talk to her.
-Nega: You aren't going to talk to her.
-Inter: Are you going to talk to her?

Simple present
-Afirm: He does his homework.
-Neg: He doesn't his homework.
-inter: Does he do his homework?

Simple past
-Afirm: I liked to play video game. 
-Neg: I didn't like to play video game.
-Inter: Did I like to play video game?

Simple future:
-Afim: We will go to theater.
-Neg: We will not go to the theater.
-Inter: Will we to the theater?