1. make questions using the correct WH (WHAT/WHERE/WHEN...)
a) Julia likes pop-music. What king of music does julia like?
b) Maria comes from Spain.
c) They play in the garden.
d)Rick teaches English in the evening.
e) I go to the cinema on Saturdays.
2. Make negative sentences:
a) I watch TV. I don´t watch TV.
b) We play football.
c) It is boring.
d) She cleans her room.
e) you ride your bike every weekend



A melhor resposta!
B) Where is Maria comes from ?
C) Where do they play ?
D) when Rick teaches English ?
E) when do you go to the cinema ?

2. B) we don't play football.
C) it isn't boring.
D) she doesn't clean her room.
E) you don't ride your bike every weekend.
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-> when does rick teaches English ? **
e não é só essa que não está bem.
-> where does Maria comes from ?
Where does Maria come from?