Do you like to read?
Does Carla love animals?
Do we go to school today?
Do they dance pop music?
Does he work with Jane?
Do you want to drink a beer?
Does she want to sell the house?
Do you play videogame?
Does he play soccer?
Do you go to church with me?


I don't wanna dance with him.
She doesn't like animals.
He doesn't play videogame.
They don't go to church today.
You don't know what is love.
We aren't the champions.
I don't like to read.
Mary isn't Beautiful.
I don't make cakes.
John don't know Canada.


I like to play soccer.
She go to the mall.
We talking to her.
Katy like to dance.
You read car's magazines.
She make bread.
They go to play videogame today.
Jane is busy.
William is the best singer.
We like to drink beer.

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