Escreva 10 frases no presente do verbo to be e 10 no passado ,completando com os seguintes adjetivos
Impolite,worried,new,quick,awful,small,lasy,fithl,dull,cheap funny,clever (br) ,enormous,sad,,tall,strange,wonderfull,altrative,optimistic,powerfull,rick,nice,
por favor mi ajude não sou muitoo boa em inglês rrsr

Vou te ajudar nisso, só me da um tempinho, to quase me formando em inglês :P


A melhor resposta!
1) I'm a very rich person in knowledge.
2) This child is awful.
3) Today my mother is dull.
4) This park is wonderfull and enormous.
5) She is lazy, but if she want, she can be a clever person.
6) This cell phone is new?
7) Why are you so sad?
8) My brother is tall.
9) This bedroom is a filth.
10) Your cake is nice.

1) That was a funny joke.
2) That pizza was cheap.
3) That moment was strange.
4) These were impolite words.
5) Superman was the most powerfull superhero.
6) You was quick to clean your house.
7) Your son was worried because him cell phone was without battery.
8) I was a optimistic person on the past.
9) My old television was small.
10) This picture was attractive in the past. (Nessa frase eu não sabia o que era "altrative" então usei "attractive")

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