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I am studying English now.
You are looking your shoes.
My family is watching the movie.
He is sleeping every day.
My cousin is playing video game.
I am making chocolate cake.
We are eating pizza.
My father is drinking orange juice.
I am buying new clothes.
Today is walking with my dog.
They are studying until midnight.
My uncle is crying in pain.
She and I are surfing.
My mother is working at home.
I am dancing ballet.
We are cooking potato.
I am driving in street.
I am writing a poem.
She is singing for us.
He and your family are traveling.
Today is very raining.
He is not swimming .
I am cycling to school.
I am talking to my boyfriend.
They are dating.
Are you kissing my sister?
I am learning French.
He is asking my name.
She is hearing classic music.
My dog is jumping on chair.

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I am walking in a long dark tunnel (Eu estou andando em um longo e escuro túnel). 

He is waiting for me. (Ele está esperando por mim). 

He is not looking at me. (Ele não está olhando para mim). 

I am not waiting for the man (Eu não estou esperando pelo homem). 

Are you having a nightmare? (Você está tendo um pesadelo?) 

Where is the man walking? (Onde o homem está andando?) 

I am speaking to you guys right now. 

My friend isn't working because he's a student. 

The neighbour's dog is always barking. 

It's always raining in England. 

He isn't joining us for the football match tonight. 

Is she going to the picnic this afternoon? 

I am not doing any more work today. 

I am watching my favorite program on TV right now. 

She is looking for a new job. 

Where are you going right now? 

What are they doing? 

Is she eating a chocolate now? 

I am not working on that project. 

She isn't listening to you.
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