Preciso de 10 frases em cada tempo verbal do simple past ? pleeease..

6- I had a breakfast with my family
7- They wanted some chocolate
8 - I started an English Course last semestry
9- I saw a guy jumping the towers
10- I asked because I'm a good at english.


A melhor resposta!
I did the homework yesteday.
She went to New York last week.
We traveled to Chicago last summer.
They ate the whole chocolate cake.
We were so happy that time.
I watched all the episodes of this series in just 2 days!  
He cut himself while doing the essay.
You who called me yesterday!
They tried to kill me that night!
That party was the best one of my whole life!

Espero ter ajudado. Se pudesse avaliar, ficaria muito grato. 
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Obrigaaaaado você me ajudou muito ♥
De nada. Ah, desculpa encher o saco, mas você poderia também avaliar, pf? hahah Abraços ;))