A:the clildren`s bedroom looks tidy.

B:it is!they

a( )have just tidied it up

b( )haven`t tidied it up yet

c ( )did tidy it up

d( )tidied it up

e ( )didn`t tidy it up yet

2-josh: japanese food?

kevin:yes,several times.

josh:when japanese food for the first time?

kevin:at a friend`s party

a( )did you ever try;did you eat

b( )did you ever try;have you eaten

c( )have you ever tried;have you eaten

d ( )have you ever tried;did you eat

e( 0have you ever tried;have you eat




B: b () they haven't tidied it up yet


Josh : When c() Have you ever tried japanese food?

When have you eaten japanese food for the first time?