Complete the sentences whit the simples past tense of the given verbs

a=> last Week she __________ her doughter talking to Sarah an harry (see)

f=> My doughters ___________eat this morning ( Wake up )

g=> Mr todd ____________ lunch with a friend today (have)

d=> The girls _____________ a shawer after they arrived home last night. (take)

use the apforopreiate verb from the box to fill in the blanks. Use the simple past in the negative form and then in the affirmative form

a=> I ________ English last night. I ___________ portuguese

b=> we _________ the theacher this marning. We _________ the principal

c=> michaee _________ the talk show yesterday. He __________ a movie

d=> Mrs. Willians _________ to Los Angeles. She _________ to Chicago

e=> You _________ home early last night. You __________ at aroud elevem o' clock


answer the questions

a=> did mike read the neus on the net ? (no)

b=> when did susan buy a DVD? (yesterday)

d=> did elen pay the bills ( yes)

e=> What did jhon do yesterday morning ( send e - mails)

f=> did you stay home last night ? (yes)



a= saw
b= woke up
c= had
d= took
 pera q eu ja te digo o resto
3 1 3
me responde o resto
a= I didn't study, I studied
b= didn't help, helped
c= didn't watch,he watched
d= didn't travel, traveled
e= didn't arrive, arrived.

eu já disse q já te digo o resto '-'
a= No, Mike did not read the news on the Internet
b= She bought it yesterday.
d= Yes, She did.
e= John has sent emails.
f=, Yes, I did