In Brazil, one of the most famous buildings is MASP.
MASP is a museum that was created by Assis Chateaubriand with Pietro Maria Bardi and his wife Lina Bo.
The MASP was created to be a dynamic museum.That's why there is differents spaces for temporary exhibitions.
There we can also find two auditoriums for music, cinema and lectures.
boa tarde!

The martinelli building is located in the triangle formed by são bento street no. 405, AV.
SÃO JOÃO n°35 libero badaró street n° 54, in downtown são paulo, in brasil. with105meters high and 30 floors, was between 1934 an 1947 the constructivetechnique of brick masony and concrete structure. currently, considered the most important architectural symbol of the moment of transition of thelower town .the construction was begun in 1924 and opened in 1929 with 30 floors. the works were resumed and continued until 1934, endind the work with 30 floors and 105 meters high.
when finished, the martinelli building overtook the night, locatedin rio de janeiro, the tallest skyscraper in brazil and latin america, wich had been opened in 1929. in 1935, the highest post of latinamerica has become the building kavanagh, raised in buenos aires, which measured 120 feet tall.