Adjetivo na forma comparativa

He is ____________ i am.
mr smith is ____________ i am
chigado is ___________ paris
this book is _______________the other one
today the weather is __________________yesterday
this exercise is _____________________the ther
this metal is __________________gold
jane is _______________________her sister

é para completar frases com adjetivo comparativa


He is ____________    i am.  / He's taller than me
mr smith is ____________ i am / mr smith is smarter than me
chigado is  ___________ paris / Chigardo is greater than Paris
this book is _______________the other one / This book is thicker than the other
today the weather is __________________yesterday /Today the weather is warmer than yesterday
this exercise is _____________________the ther /This exercise is more difficult than the other.
this metal is __________________gold / This metal is less valuable than gold
jane is _______________________her sister / Jane is lower than her sister.