passe as frases para o lural e tradeuza

1.theres is an apple on the tree

2.this is a beautiful girl

3.that is a dangerous dog

4.this bus is big

5.i have a galdin watch

6.there is a student here

7. there is a glass on the table

8.that is a delicious strawberry

9.this is a tame ox

10.this is big watermelon



1.There is apples on the trees=tem maçãs nas árvores
2.These are beaultiful girls=estas são meninas bonitas
3.It is dangerous dogs=são cachorros perigosos
4.These bus are big=estes ônibus são grandes
5.I have golden watches=eu tenho relógios dourados
6.There are studants here=tem alunos aqui
7.There are glasses on the tables=tem copos nas mesas
8.There are delicious strawberries=estes são morangos deliciosos
9.These are tame oxes=são bois mansos
10.These are big watermelons=estas são melancias grandes