Read these posts from a discussion board. According to the comments, what is the thread starter of this Internet forum? “Nowadays, everywhere we look we see people busy with their social network. People seem to have lots of Facebook friends but in real life they have very few real friends. Real communication is absolutely less than compared to before.” “My strong opinion is that parents shouldn’t allow their kids to join social media until they understand online responsibilities and the consequences that online post can have on someone’s privacy and life. I think social media are good but they are kind of misused.” “It’s a good thing because it is a way to connect to people you love who might be far. It all depends on how you use them. It can be a bad thing if the social media are used for cyber bullying for example.” “I think it is a bad influence because inappropriate posts or photos are available with no boundaries. It gives a wrong message to kids.(A)Is it bad to spend too much time playing online games?(B)What is your opinion about having thousands of virtual friends?(C)Are you addicted to Facebook or Twitter?(D)Do you like social media? Which one do you access more often?(E)Do you think that social media is a good thing?



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The thread starter is  the social network and its consequences on people's lives.
They're discussing about the positive and negative things that come from the use of the social network. 
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