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1)no,she's Italian, ---------------- ?
2)you're from France, --------------?
3)i can still use this bus ticket,--------------?
4)I don't have much money on me .
The bill won't be hight, ---------------?
5)they said they would travel in summer,but they didn't,--------?
6)he should have passed the test,----------?
7)she has abreaty traveld with him,-----------?
8)jack is not going out tonight,------------?
9)you cold do me favor when you arrive there,---------?
10)don't walk on that bridge!
there are some broken parts,----------?
Galera qm souber me ajude , isso é pra nota .. vlw :*



1)isn´t she
2)aren´t you
3)can´t I
4)do I
5)did they
6)haven´t he
7)hasn´t she
8)isn´t he
9)couldn´t you
10)aren´t it

Espero ter Ajudado!
mas era cm o uso do did ou didn't , se a frase tiver afirmando irei negar , se tiver negando irei afirmar .. fiz todas só queria q respodem todas pra eu ir corrigindo aqui
q respondessem *