Vou te passar um poema
In the wind love echo sounds
Love! My deep love never ending
Innocence, pure, full of meaning
With delightful holes in the centre of the cloud
Hummingbirds and the little goat baa
And the cheeps of the birds in my acacia
They are telling me tales and legends of unfinished romances
The shepherdess knows the land better than I
The ways are narrows and larges. Wait for me there
Now we have to eat for the holiday begins here
Family is waiting don´t be late!
The smell of roasted lamb
involves our hearts!
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é melhor eu ler sozinha ? é facil de se pronuciar essas palavras ?
Esta é uma carta os professores de ingles gostam muito de textos em carta

Hi linda,

I`m in bélem now. there are many tourist attractions here: thratro da paz,museu goeldi and mercado-ver-o-peso,for example.This is Ver-o-peso,a very popular market.You can buy many things there.Therr are fruit stands with mangoes.bananas and many exotic fruits from the Amazon.
At the vegetable stands,you can buy potatoes,tomatoes,lettuce and many kinds of medical herbs,and natural perfumes,too.
At 6 in the morning,it`s possible to buy
fish at ver-o-peso -- they`re big and fresh but they`re not expensive