1 - He is washing the hands. Ele está lavando as mãos.
2 - The birds are flying. Os pássaros estão voando.
3 - He is fishing in the lake. Ele está pescando no lago.
4 - He is cooking. Ele está cozinhando.
5 - She is eating. Ela está comendo.
6 - He is writing the convit. Ele está escrevendo o convite.
7 - They are singing in the school. Eles estão cantando na escola.
8 - She is jumping in the garden. Ela está pulando no jardim.
9 - He is driving the car. Eles está dirigindo o carro.
10 - They are reading the book. Eles estão lendo o livro.
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 Tom   is washing the dishes 
           Janet  Is reading  a book   
Andrew and are mary stundying English
Jill  and Tim ar playing basketball 
i`m trying to get my homework on internet
i`m not doing what i have to do
My teacher is thinking that i did it alone 
i`m speaking to my classmates that it`s easy to get it 
i`m not leraning anything when i get the answers ready!
he is wearing a long back overcoat 

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