Usando o presente simples transformar os termos 4 frases básicas:
a) Freddy always/ to kiss/ His Mother
b) Lila often/ to go / to the beach
c) The whale/ to dive / deeply frequently
d) We usualy / to practice/ english
e) The teacher/ to travel / every year

4 frases cada item?
Freddy always kisses his mother


1- freddy always kiss his mother. 
his mother always kiss freddy.
freddy kiss his mother always he's happy.
freddy wants to kiss his mother. 

2- lila often goes to the beach 
lila often goes to the beach with her friends
lila often goes walk to the beach
lila often goes play soccer to the beach

3- the whale dives are often deeply
the dives of whales are deeply often
often the whales likes to dive deeplly
the whales likes to dives deeply often

4- we need to practice english usually
usually we don't practice english
usually we like to practice english
we don't like to practice engish usually

50- every year the techer travels
every year the teacher travels to London
the teacher travels every year
the teacher travels to Bahia every year to visit your family