Hi people!!! Preciso de 20 frases no passado simples com verbos irregulares mais utilizados na forma afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa.Muito obrigada

He prepared he lessons. They told us.about it . He put the book on the table . They stayed in mexyco for 2 weeks


1i was her best friend - afirmative.
2he ate almost nothing. - negative.
3you felt the same as me? - interrogative. 
4you never had a doll? - interrogative. 
5you didn't lend me your coat. - negative. 
6I paid the bill alone. - afirmative.
7he didn't read the book for the test.- negative. 
8she ran away from home. - afirmative.
9you saw a falling star? - interrogative.
10I sold my car. - afirmative.
11I shot the sheriff; - afirmative.
12you thought it was serious? - interrogative.
13you won the championship? -interrogative.
14you don't wrote the text;-negative;
15yesterday I woke happy.- afirmative
16the dog bit me.- afirmative.
17they built many castles.-afirmative;
18the dress didn't cost expensive.- negative.
19you cut your hair?-interrogative
20you drank? - interrogative.

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