1.What are you doing right now? 
2.Why are you asking me that? 
3.Are you watching TV right now? 
4.Is your mother cooking dinner or talking on the phone? 
5.What is your dad doing? 
6.Are your brothers giving you a hard time? 
7.Are your friends coming to your party tonight? 
8. Why are you asking for these 10 sentences? 
9. Are you studying for an English Test? 
10. Are you doing your English Homework?
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A pergunta pede frases negativas, não interrogativas.
A melhor resposta!
I'm not walking.
She's not listening to you.
He's not sleeping.
They aren't coming over.
She isn't reading the book you gave her.
It isn't stoping.
Maria isn't buying it.
He's not crying.
They're not playing soccer.
I'm not trying to change you, only to help you.
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