A melhor resposta!
Q: What are you doing?
A: I'm hanging out with my friends.

Q: What are you thinking?
A: I'm thinking about what I will do tomorrow.

Q: Who is that man talking to your father?
A: That man is my brother-in-law.

Q: Are you dating anyone?
A: No, I'm not dating anyone.

Q: Are they playing soccer right now?
A: Yes, they are playing soccer right now.

Q: Is he crying?
A: No, he's not crying.

Q: Is Maria buying it?
A: No, she's not buying it.

Q: Are they coming over?
A: No, they're not coming over.

Q: Are your friends going to the movie?
A: No, they're not going to the movie.

Q: Is he listening to you?
A: No, he's not listening to me.
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1. Who are you waiting for?
I'm waiting for a friend.

2. What are you doing after class?
I'm going to the cafe.

3. What are you cooking tonight?
I'm making pasta.

4. Are you going to the park this afternoon?
I don't know. It is depends on the weather.

5. What is she cooking?
She is cooking the dinner.

6. What are you eating?
I'm eating a cheese sandwich.

7.  What are we doing?
We are working together.

8. What is happening outside the class?
There are 2 students fighting. 

9. Why are you crying?
Because my mother died. 

10. When is she arriving?
She is arriving tonight. 
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