Por favor me ajudem,responder afirmativamente e negativamente em ingles:

a)are you happy
b)am i a good teacher
c)is your father rich
d)are we studying for the test now
e)are you interested in Science
f)are the students tired today
g)is the teacher in the class
h)are the boys doing the exercise
i)am i your friend
j)is she intelligent

a) A: You are happy N: You aren't happy
b) A: I'm a good teacher N: I'm not a good teacher c) A: Your father are rich N: Your father aren't rich d) A: We are studying for the test now N: We aren't studying for the test now e) A:You are interested in Schience N: You aren't interested in Science. f) A: The students are tired today N: The students aren't tired today g) A:The teacher is in the class N: the tacher ins't in the class h) A:The boys are doing the exercise. N: The boys aren't doing the exercise.
i) A: I'm your friend N: I'm not your friend j) A: She is intelligent N: She isn't intelligent


Yes,I am happy/no, I am not happy.
yes,you are a good teacher/no,you are not a good teacher.yes,my father is rich/no,my father is not rich.
yes,we are studying for the test now/no,we are not studying for the test now.
yes,I am interested in science/no, I am not interested in science.
yes,the students are tired today/no, they are not tired today.
yes,the teacher is in the class/no, the teacher is not in the class.
yes,the boys are doing the exercise/no,the boys are not doing the exercise.
yes,you are my friend/no,you are not my friend.
yes,she is/no,she is not.