Me ajudem nesse exercício de Inglês. Tenho algumas respostas mas gostaria de conferí-las. Obrigada.

Complete the sentences with the correct verb form.
a) If had left the house earlier, he ________ so late (be; negative)
b) I ________ if they invite me to the party. (accept)
c) If you have enough time, please __________ the walls before you go. (paint)
d) If your mother ___________ that new car, will you be happy? (buy)
e) They would call immediately if it ____________ an emergency. (be)

é pra completar com will ou would
Esta certo
é com will
hmm ta no futuro entao


1- he would not
2- I would accept 
3- will paint 
4- will buy
5- were

acho q é isso ..  

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A) would
b) will accept
c) you will paint
d) buys
e) was
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