Finding useful Internet sites that have a direct connection to the curriculum is rarely a simple task. The World Wide Web is not a library. It has no central card catalog organized by topic, subject or author. Search engines are available, but they often provide students and teachers with sites of questionable educational value or sites totally unrelated to the topic being researched. Students and teachers can search for hours on the web without finding relevant information. Quality educational sites are abundant, but they are not always easy to find. Teachers' schedules rarely provide them with time to locate them anyway.Reliability of the information found on the Internet is often an issue. Anyone can post information on the web and lots of people do. Fancy graphics and creative web design can make any information look official, even if it isn't. Reputable sites do exist, but may be indistinguishable from the others.Another problem is that the Internet is constantly changing. Web sites come and go. Familiar and useful websites suddenly disappear or move to different addresses. Web sites are frequently redesigned and new "features" are added. Many of these new features require additional hardware and software that the user may or may not have. These features (audio, video, animation) often overburden the capacity of the school network, slowing access for other school users. They also create a need for a faster and more expensive school Internet connection.

Answer according to the text Conducting internet research:
a) Why is the World Wide Web not considered a library?
b) Are educational sites trustful? Why?
c) Are there easy ways to find quality educational sites on the internet?
d) Is the information found on the internet reliable? Why?
e) Why are web sites frequently redesigned?



1- because it has no center card catalog organized by topic. 

2- are not trustful because they offer no results with educational value

3- Quality educational sites are abundant, but they are not always easy to find.

4- information found on the internet are not trustful because anyone can add any information and assert it as true.

5- because  web sites are frequently redesigned and new "features" are added.
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