Passe as frases abaixo para o presente continuos na forma negativa e interrogativa:
*I Believe in my life renovation now.
*Drew and megam play at the gardem every day.
*IT Walks for a long time at the park
*Julian gives me her hands an firts day.
*His girlfriend says he's handsome.
*We need some pieces here.
*IT rains studies in the same class.
*Perhap your teacher needs your help.

Por favor Responda o mais rapido possivel..!!



*N: I'm not believing in my life renovation now
I: Am I believing in my life renovation now? / Are you believing in your life renovation now?

*N; Drew and megan aren't playing at the garden
I: Are Drew and Megan playing at the garden?

* N:It is not walking for a long time at the park
I: Is it walking for a long time at the park?

*N: Julian is not giving me her hands
I: Is Julian giving me her hands?

*N: His gilrfriends is not saying he's handsome
I: Is his girlfriend saying he's handsome?

*N: We are not needing any pieces here
I: Are we needing any pieces here?