Can I go out today ? Can you help me ? Can we dance ? Can they eat ? Can I go outside and play ? Can I sleep now ? Can you answer me ? Can you wash the dishes ? Can you pay this video game system ? Can you remember me ? I can't eat chocolate. I can't go outside tomorrow. I can't going to a party. You can't kiss her. We can't talk. They can't talk to his.I can't study right now. You can't hug me. They can't work today. I can't wake up so early.
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10 frases negativas com Can

he can not self-medicate 
she can't travel 
he can't drink booze. 
they can't go to class. 
children can't talk to strangers. 
he can't smoke. 
they can't listen to loud music. 
he can't buy without paying. 
they can'tmistreat animals. 
they can't litter the street 

10 frases interrogativas com Can

Can you take it to me ? 
Can you say it to me ? 
Can I go with you ? 
Can I say to him ? 
Can I Learn it too ? 
Can I get out from here ? 
Can You Read it to me ? 
Can You wash ? 
Can you put fire ? 
Can you push ?
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