Fords are made in Cologne. 
Dinner is being cooked by Susan 
"Dubliners" was written by James Joyces. 
The house was being painted when I arrived.
Over 20 models have been produced in the past two years.
A new factory is going to be built in Portland. 
It will be finished tomorrow.
That house was built by the men
Letters are written by Bob. 
A letter is going to be written by Bob. 
The gate was opened
Hamlet was written by Shakespeare. 
A beautiful song was written. 
The lunch is being cooked by mom. 
The apple is being eaten. 
My elder brother was offered a job. 
The President was asked many questions by journalists.
I was given many birthday presents. 
We were not lent any money.
Biology is taught to Cecilia by George.