The English labor market
hat is a question that many people do it. But in reality , it should have completely lost their right to exist . Why ? Very simple. The importance of English in the labor market is total. Even if they say to you that Spanish is good, Mandarin is an excellent option for the future . Forget all that. Unable to speak English fluently you will be completely impossible to get a placement in a large company . Spanish and any other language you want to learn to serve as its differential recruitment . But if you do not know English, nothing done .The English language is the key to the business world . Chinese and Latin Americans should speak Spanish or Mandarin ? Of course not . Even these being their mother tongues , they need English to be able to reach " where the money is'. And this is the main confirmation to my arguments .Nowadays , the more languages ​​you speak fluently , most important and far you evolve in your professional life . Thus , it becomes very simple to understand the importance of English proficiency before the increasing qualification requirements in contention for jobs .Even in companies where you rarely use English in their everyday activities , mastery of the language guarantees you given prominence at the time of a promotion or a better or placement in a vacancy for a city that wishes to post.In the labor market , English is as basic as knowing how to read and write or learn to operate a computer with basic office software . Thus , as in all other prerequisites , the dominance of English should be sought early . Preferably begin in childhood . Thus , upon reaching the age of facing the search for the first job , the young man will have the full field and will be able to "feel" English as his mother tongue. However , make no mistake , it will not be easy . Just consider the amount of people who take courses in English and then suffer a kind of " lock " and simply not able to speak a single word ; although they can understand and write in the language .Thus , a good English course should always keep in mind that your students take the course in order to better themselves professionally or seeking their first job . Therefore , should know that entering the labor market will require fluency in the language and classes geared to the conversation should be encouraged not only as required and very frequent . Much more than grammar and the teaching of " academic side of the tongue ," the conversation is the main target to be achieved . It alone will give the student the true verbal fluency and hearing so necessary and so desperately sought by companies.Furthermore , it is important to make the student understand that learning English should always be in full immersion mode . Ie should listen to songs , watch movies and watch TV channels ( if possible ) and always in English without subtitles . Thus , increases awareness of the nuances of the language and is much easier to capture and properly learn how to speak English or American .So learn English to target the labor market is always a wise option and only realized its importance when we lose a vacancy or a promotion because we have no knowledge of that language as interesting .