My birthday is in July.
 I have English class Monday and Wednesday.
 Christmas is in December.
 Stay at home for Saturday and Sunday.
 I was born on a Thursday.
 My favorite day is Friday.
 June marks the middle of the year.
 Seven day if September marks the independence of Brazil.
 The Easter is in April.
 I'm two hours more in school on Friday.
 How noodles only on Wednesday.
 The year begins in January.
 February has only twenty-eight days. 
On Sunday, I go to the beach.
 On Tuesday, according to 5:00 pm 
Carnival is in February.
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espero ter ajudado!
Julia's Birthday in May ,Saturday we will be a party, July is a very cold month ,second makes me upset ,in January we travel to another country , Tuesday we english course. ,Carnival will be in February, maybe Thursday will be a different day , March is the month of celebration for our family ,Friday is to relax and unwind ,June Festival in June will have at our school ,Sunday will do all tasks ,August will surprise us, Wednesday has history lesson, September we will have a holiday...