Alguém consegue formar uma frase com essas palavras:
A) oxygen/ machines/ not/ we/ from/ industrial/ do/ get.
B) ice/ penguins/ on/ Antarctic/ spend/ lives/ they/ emperor/ their/ waters/ its/ and/ entire.
C) Causing/ air/ global/ warming/ pollution/ is.
D) pollute/ air/ not/ trees/ do/ the.
E) Climate/ beings/ the/ human/ are/ causing/ crisis.

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1- We do not get oxygen from industrial machines
2- The emperor penguins spend their lives on Antartic it's entire ice and whater
3- Pullution is causing global air warming
4- The trees do not pullute air
5- The human are beings causing climate crisis

We don't get oxygen from industrial machines.

Emperor penguins spend their entire lives on Antarctic ice waters.

Global warming is causing air pollution.

Trees don't pollute the air.

Human beings are causing climate crisis.

*Sorry but I can't formulate the second  phrase using the words "and, its, they"

Hope I have helped you anyway!! ;D