Bring me to life.
How are you?
Be welcome!
Please, tell me what's on.
What are you doing?
Give me some money.
Want some food?
Come here, now.
Don't yell with me.
Suck a lollipop.
Dreamed with you yesterday.
Jill and Ploy are dating.
Will you invite me?
Join us!
Say it.
Sit down, please!
How are you ?
I drink soda.
You eat meat.
They read a book.
Let's go girl.
She speaks English.
I know you.
He closed my store at 7 p.m
We are happy.
I am hungry,
When is you Birthday ?
I write a magazine for you.
He knows how to cook.
I am Studying.

Espero ter ajudado.