A melhor resposta!

Com o Verbo Regular

1- I ACCEPT your apologies.
2- My mother and I LOVE playing volleyball.
3- Peter WALKS to school every day.
4- Her uncle WORKS in a big factory.
5- They PLAY basketball every Saturday.
6- We WANT something to eat.
7- John's sister LIKES watching TV.
8- Her cousin Mary VISITS her every year.
9- Their parents HELP them with their homework.
10- My aunt LIVES in France.

Com o Verbo Irregular

1- My uncle KNOWS how to drive a big truck.
2- Mary GOES to school by bus.
3- She EATS her meal too fast.
4- Steve LEAVES the room without saying a word.
5- I FORGET my agenda at home almost every day.
6- I BET my bottom dollar you won't finish your PhD thesis in time.
7- You FALL in love too fast.
8- I BRING this gift to you.
9- My father DREAMS about the Second War every night.
10- My cousin FEELS so lonely at home.

11 4 11

1.I enjoyed my trip to Tel Aviv.
2.You asked me how to drive well.
3.He tried again.
4.She danced at Taj Mahal Club.
5.It worked well.
6.You both love the same girl.
7. They played tennis toghether.
8. Please, stay away.
9. Close the window.
10. I walk every morning at the garden.


Helen had left by the time we arrived.

I met them before I had gone to New York.

He wanted to know what had happened to his car.

Have you heard de news.

Toyotas are made in Japan.

I told you.

I made a cake to you.

I have walked.

I didn't go.

7 4 7