William: -Hi, my name is William what's your name?
Kristen: -Hi, my name is Kristen, you have any brothers or sisters?
William -Yes, i have two sisters. Cindy and Rachel
Cindy: -Hi, i'm William's sister. I have 10 years old and my sister Rachel haves 14 years old
Rachel: -Hello, what's your favorite band, Kristen?
Kristen: -30 Seconds to Mars
William: -I Love 30 Seconds to Mars. My favorite music is Up in The Air
Cindy: -You is very beautiful
Kristen: -Thank you so much. Now, i go the school, bye bye
Cindy: -Bye bye.
Rachel: -Bye, Bye
William: -Goodbye, i love you
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Amanda, Bruce, Aline and Carla

Amanda: I have to tell you something
Aline: Wath?
Amanda: Yesterday on the Paula's party, Pedro asked me in dating
Aline: I don't belive, really?
Amanda: Yes, he is so beautiful. But don't tell anyone.
Bruce: Attention guys, I just find out something.
Carla: What?
Bruce: Leo asked Amanda in dating yesterday in Paula's party. Hahah
Carla: Very good, stupid

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