Coloque as sentençoes no plural:
a] i con su a mam at work
b] where is that womam going?
c] the girl has a tattoo on her right foot
d] what does this boy have in his tooth
e] amin and a woman use a telephone booth
f] look! an elephont is kieking a fooball.
g]that gentleman has a bod toot hoche
h]an english woman is very elegont
i] ask that man to cme in, plase
j] the sheep is favote animal.



A) We can see men at work.
b) Where are those women going to?
c) The girls have tatoos on their right foot.
d) What do these boys have in their teeth.
e) Men and women use telephone booths.
f) Look! Elephants are kicking football.
g) Those gentlemen have a bad toohtache.
h) English women are very elegant.
i) Ask those men to come in, please.
j) The sheeps are favorite animals.