Interrogativas :

1.  does tim play soccer ?

2. do they go to the beach?

3. do you read comic books?

4. does she have lunch at school?

5. does the bus stop here?

6. do your parents work on saturdays?

7. do you study english every day?

8. there does she live?

9. does peter watch tv every night?

10. do your parents travel every year?
vou escrever o resto no comentario

1. carla doesn't usually study.

2. marco and carla don't watching tv every nigth.

3. he don't work here.

4. i don't like math.

5. stella doesn't eat meat.

6. she doesn't cry often.

7. i don't drink.

8. you don´t speak english.

9. he doesn't drink.

10. i don't have a car.
as do afirmativo eh so passar as que te mandei do negativo pro interrogativo