3- Complete the sentences with the future with going to and the verbs in parenteses.
a) The kids_______________ an orange juice . ( drink )
b) I _______________________ the bus to school . ( take)
c) My husband ___________________ soccer after work . ( play)
d) That boy ______________________ Math tomorrow. (study)
e) My sister ______________________ the dinner tonight. (prepare)
f ) I ___________________ my room next week. (clean)
g) Mrs.scott________________ a magazine. (buy)
h) My friends ______________ tv. (watch)



The kids are going to drink an orange juice.
I am going to take the bus to school
my husband is going to play soccer after work
that boy is going to study math tomorrow
my sister is going to prepare the dinner tonight
I am going to clean my room next week
mrs scott is going to boy a magazine
my friends are going to watch tv