Yeterday bob took jane to a party
When they arrived at the party bob left jane with some friends and went out for a few minutes
- When he came back he didn't see he any more
- Where is jane ? He asked one for his friends
Let me see ... I cant see her
Look ! She is there. At the corner
Who is dancing with her ?
It's Jeff , my friend
Stay here
I Will meet them .
1) Sobre texto Quais sao:
- Analize
- Pronomes
- Expressoes interrogativas
- Substantivo
- Verbos

I'm is a don't
Ou você copiou mal o texto ou seu prof..............o diálogo tá mau demais


Pronomes - they, he, she, her, his, them.
Expressões interrogativas - Where...; Who...;
Substantivos - party, corner, friends, dance, Jane, Bob, Jeff.
Verbos - take, arrive, leave, go, come, see, ask, be, dance, stay, meet.