Desembralharar me ajude alguem e formar frase uma pra cada
computer, work I, the ,on how

and, grandmother ,know, I your grandfather
want, cheese,to,eat, ham,I,and, a cup,to, drink of,tea ,and
I don t ,here ,in,the,sorry, work afternoon
have, and how, you, brothers,,do many, sisters



1. I know how to work on computer.
2. I want cheese and ham to eat, and a cup of tea to drink.
2. I know your grandfather and grandmother.
3, I don't work here in the afternoon, sorry.
4. How do you have many brothers and sisters?
I know how to work on the computer
I know your grandmother and grandfather
I want to eat a ham chease and drink a cup of tea
Sorry, I don't work here in the afternoon
How many brothers and sisters do you have