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-Transform to plural
1. That is a student
2. This is the secretary
3. I am ok
4. Is this your boyfriend ?
5. Is it a black dog ?
6. That is not a cat
7. I am not an animal
8. The cat is brown
9. He is an interesting man
10. She is a beautiful girl
11. Are you the teacher ?
12. Is she married ?
13. He is not married
14. It is not a train
15. This is not a radio
16. She is intelligent



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1-those are students.
2-those are secretaries.
3-we are ok.
4-are those your boyfriend?
5-are they black dog?
6-those are not cats.
7- we are not animals.
8. Cats are brown.
9. They are interesting men.
10. They are beautiful girls.
11.are you teacher?
12. Are they married?
13. They are not married.
14. They are not trains.
15. These are not radios.
16. They are intelligent.
OBS: em caso de pergunta o substantivo (tecaher, dog, etc) não é levado no plural