preciso completar os espaços

_____,Camilla! _____ _____ things going?

_____ is a picture of ______ favorite internet

_____. _____name _____ Christopher

_____ his _________ is Chris. He is

_________ but his parents______ ______ tokyo,

_______. ______ japanese. Chris is ______

years _______, just like me! Ins't he cute?

__________ for now.

tenho que usar as palavras this,my,old,are,american,and,hi,is,nickname,his,they're,friend,how,are,bye,japan,from e fifteen.


Hi, Camilla! How are things going?
This is a picture of my favorite internet friend. His name is Christopher and his nickname is Chris. He is american but his parents are from Tokyo, Japan. They're japanese. Chris is fifteen years old, just like me! Ins't he cute?
Bye for now.