1 Identifique os pronomes e os verbos em cada frase, circulando os pronomes e sublinhando os verbos

A) I like when it rain

B) She called her friend to a party

C) Tomas knows he can trust his friends

D) It is not raining today

E) I invited mrs. Mc Mahon to a dinner

F) My car never runs fast

G) He's the best player in the world

H) Something is boring him

I) Call me when you have the time

J) Smoking should be allowed in here

2 Coloque as frases no passado contínuo

A) Carl goes back home

B) Cynthia reads a book

C) He arrived when it was raining

D) I am not talking

E) He talked to me

F) We listen to the radio

G) I'm looking for my id

3 Complete em Inglês com os verbos sugeridos

1 ________________ (há) ____________(nada) to be done

2 _____________( não há) ______________(nada) to be done

3 The police ___________(encontrou) ______________(nada) in the house

4 Do you ____________(quer) ______________ ( alguma coisa ) ?

5 ____________(havia) ______________(algo) in the bag

6 I don't _____________(preciso) _____________ (nenhuma) ajuda



A melhor resposta!
Pronomes                              Verbos
A)  I                                    like
B) She, her                         called
C) he, his                           knows, can, trust
D) It                                    is
E) I, mrs                             invited
F) My                                 runs
G) He                                 ´s
H) him                                is
I) me, you                           call, have
J) N/A                                 smoking, be

A) Carl was going back home
B) Cynthia was reading a book
C) He was arriving when it was raining
D) I was not talking
E) He was talking to me
F) We were listening to the radio
G) I was looking for my id

1 There´s (há) anything (nada) to be done
2 There isn´t ( não há) nothing (nada) to be done
3 The police found (encontrou)  nothing (nada) in the house
4 Do you want (quer) something ( alguma coisa ) ?
5  there(havia) something (algo) in the bag
6 I don't need (preciso) anyone (nenhuma) help
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