Passe as frases abaixo para o interrogativo e negativo: 

a- Bob is cleaning his room. 
Interrogativa: Is Bob cleaning his room? 
Negativa: Bob isn't cleaning his room. 
b- I am doing my homework. 
Interrogativa: Am I doing my homework? 
Negativa: I Am not doing my homework. 
c- Yan and Susan are having dinner. 
Interrogativa: Are Yan and Susan having dinner? 
Negativa: Yan and Susan aren't having dinner. 
d- Simon and I study in the same classroom. 
Interrogativa: Study in the same classroom Simon and I? 
Negativa: Simon and I don't study in the same classroom. 
e- Tom has a shower every morning. 
Interrogativa: Has Tom a shower every morning? 
Negativa: Tom hasn't a showder every morning. 
f- It rains a lot in winter. 
Interrogativa: In winter it rains a lot? 
Negativa: It not rains a lot in winter. 
g- We watch TV very often. 
Interrogativa: Watch we TV very often? 
Negativa: We not watch TV very often.